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On this site we present the credits, the legal disclaimer, and the impressum.
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This work yould have been impossible without the support from numerous people and granting organisations.
The authors whish to thank first of all Elias Arnér (Stockholm, Sweden) for recombinant rat TrxR1 protein, but most of all for initiating this project. We thank Carsten Berndt (Düsseldorf, Germany) for the Prx1 expression plasmid and Richard Zimmermann (Homburg, Germany) for the Nrx antibody. This work was supported by grants from the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (SFB593-N01), the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD and MINCYT (PROALAR program), the P. E. Kempkes foundation, and the von Behring-Röntgen Foundation.
Legal disclaimer
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The responsibility for this non-commercial project and this webpage lies with:
Christopher Horst Lillig
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Institut for Clinical Cytobiology and Cytopathology
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If you are interested to cooperate, contribute, or would like to request reagents and protocols, please contact us at: redoxatlas(at)
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